Ayyappankav Nagar Residents'Association,Kilimanoor

     Ayyappankavu Nagar Residents' Association        

Reg. No. T. 801/97, Kilimanoor; Affiliated to FRAT

Ayyappankavu Nagar Residents’ Association constituted on 2nd July 1997 has been working as an integral part of Residents’ Associations throughout the rural region and as a symbol of unity co-operation and camaraderie among more than 200 families.


North:                  The road to the north of RRVGHSS

South:                  Kilimanoor-Alamcode Road

East  :                  Madavoor-Kilimanoor Road

West :                  Valanchery-Choottayil Canal


·        A news bulletin published every 3 months, acts both as a link of Communication between the families and as an opportunity to express creative tendencies of the members.

·        Fund-in-need, a financial aid helps in the growth of savings among the members and acts as a source of help for the needy.

·        Every street within the limits of the association is made fit to travel and is cleaned. Street lights are maintained and replace in co-operation with the KSEB staff.

·        Medical aid is given to people who are financially back ward.

·        Occasional disputes among association members are solved amicably.

·        Festivals, especially Onam, Christmas, Eid etc., are promptly celebrated.

·        Every special day including Teachers’ Day, Independence Day, Children’s Day etc. are celebrated appropriately. Medical Camps-Ayurvedic, Homeopathic and Allopathic are held every year successfully.

·       Students who achieve meritorious academic success and are financially weak are given alms, study materials and financial aids every year.

·        Co operation and provision of facilities are ensured toward N.S.S, N.C.C Camps and arts festivals held in the nearby Schools.

·        An exclusive telephone directory is provided to all the members of the association.

In short, the association has built its reputation not just in name, but by sincere and purposeful activities in almost all walks of life including health education, basic facilities, recreation etc. towards the enlightenment of the society.

Thus A.K.N.R.A. is one residents’ association which can go a long way in developmental processes and activities.


           President                                                             Secretary

         N. K. Vijayan Pillai                                       V. Vasudevan Pillai

         Roja Bhavan                                                 Sangeetha

         Ayyappankavu Nagar                                   Ayyappankavu Nagar

         Kilimanoor P.O.                                            Kilimanoor P.O.










        R. Chandrasekharan Nair

































Kilimanoor P.O.



Other Executive Members

G. Reghunadhan Nair (Vice President)

K. Chandrasekharan Nair (Joint Secretary)


K. Manikantan Nair

S. Nizarudeen

S. J. Sajay Kumar

G. Krishnan Nair

Bindhu. R. S

Maneesha. S

Sajeena. S


Jayaraj. S. L